English Days

Ceramic Cafe, Glass Fusing, Art Clay Silver, Glass Beadmaking and more.......

Please not: starting October 5th our shop will be open every Sunday from 10.00 - 16.00 until December 21st.......


EMEsSHOP invites all our English speaking friends for a special day of classes and instructions in English. The first Wednesday of each month between 14:00 and 22:00 please join us in creating painted ceramics or working with glass. Children ages 3 and up, teenagers and adults are welcome. No reservations or appointments are neccesary.
Snacks and drinks are available in the shop. Please feel free to bring your own refreshments.


silver clayArt Clay Silver art clay silver

For teenagers and adults we also offer special classes in art clay silver, glass fusing and beadmaking........

glasfusing glass fusing glaskunst

Party Time at EMEsSHOP

Celebrate your next party at EMEsSHOP!
Invite your friends to our shop. You can bring your own food and drinks or we will gladly organize everything for you. We are open to your ideas and special wishes! If you have more than 6 people we can organize your party outside of our regular opening hours.

Children's Birthdays at EMEsSHOP (Ceramic Painting or Glass Fusing)
The Children are busy using their imaginations and creating works of art that are a wonderful memory of the party. The cost per child is CHF 10.-- which includes studio time, ceramic paints, glazing and firing of the piece as well as drinks and silverware.The price of the raw ceramic piece or glass is extra (CHF 15.-- and up).
The birthday chil receives the price of their studio time as a gift!

Jewelry Parties for Girls (Ages 10 and up)
Using Art Clay Silver (99,9% silver) the girls will learn to model a charm for a leather neckband and a silver ball. Using the silver ball and glass bead we will make a bracelet. The cost per child is CHF 60.-- which includes all materials and drinks.

Parties for Adults (Ceramic Painting, Glass Fusing or Jewelery)
EMEsSHOP offers evening events for adults whether it be a birthday celebration, girl's night out, or a corporate event. Parties can be organized with a minimum of 6 people. The cost per person is CHF. 20.-- which includes studio time, ceramic paints, glazing and firing of the piece. Silverware and drinks such as coffee, tea and sparkling water are also included in the price. The raw ceramic piece or glass is extra.
The organizer of the event receives the price of their studio time as a gift!

We look forward to your next event with us!